Adnan Mustafa Ahmed Al-Bar


  • Part One - Business Process Management PBM

    In this part will study BPM in its broad concept and how it's related to ERP systems. We will cover the main BPM life cycle as follow:

    1. Process identification
    2. Process discovery (as-is)
    3. Process analysis
    4. Process redesign (to-be)
    5. Process implementation
    6. Process monitoring/controlling

    We will use the BP modelling notation language as the base for our modelling activities.

  • Material resources

    1. Text Books

      Book One: Fundamentals of Business Process Management | © 2013
      You can purchase/view the book from here

      Book Two: Magal and Word | Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems |© 2011
      You can purchase/view the book from here

    2. Class Presentations

      • Introduction to Business Process Management. [download]
      • Process Identification. [Self-reading, download]
      • Process Discovery. [Self-reading, download]
      • Introduction to BPMN. [download]
      • Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Process. [Upload]
      • Chapter 2: Introduction to Enterprise Systems. [download]
      • Chapter 3: Introduction to Accounting. [download]
      • Chapter 4: The Procurement Process. [download]
      • Chapter 5: The Fulfillment Process. [download]
      • Chapter 6: The Production Process. [download]
    3. Software Tool

      We will use a business process management modelling tool called ​Bizagi. ​The tool is based on the BPMN 2.0 notation language. We will use it for our class activities as well as for your assignments. You can download it from bizagi web site. This version will be good enough to do modelling activities. However, if time permitted we will try to cover process workflow automation and this will require Xpress version of the tool which you can download here.

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